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Our holistic approach

There’s nothing worse than technology failing. As a digital agency that relies heavily on digital and IT systems to function, we understand how frustrating it is waiting for issues to be resolved. We also understand how stressful and inefficient it is having to communicate and manage both your digital agency and IT team separately.

At Extract, we cover all areas. We know that having the right technical setup is vital to running a successful digital marketing operation. Our expertise in both digital marketing and IT enables us to provide the best-in-class solutions for your business.

Find out more about the technical services we offer below

Web Hosting

Our web hosting platforms are both reliable and secure, ensuring fast page load times whilst protecting your data as well as your customers’. With all the money you’re investing into your website and online marketing, making sure your website is up and running at all times is key to your online success.

We understand that everyone’s website is going to have different requirements. That’s why we offer standard and bespoke web hosting services, where everything is built from scratch, allowing for all web server extensions, add-ons and configurations to be put in place.

By understanding the nature and size of your business, we will always offer you what you need with the option of scalability, meaning you can easily upgrade your service as your business grows.

Web Domains

A domain name is the address to your online business, which your customers will use to remember you and your brand. At Extract, we manage your portfolio of domain names, whilst ensuring they’re secure and kept up to date with regulations.

Whether you have one, or thousands of domain names with unusual extensions, we can migrate them all into one centralised domain registrar. This makes it easier to manage and protect your portfolio whilst keeping consistency, as well as taking care of any technical issues that can arise. We also work with you to develop a future-proof plan, which means you can leave all the renewals and time consuming tasks to us.

Domain Name Service (DNS)

If your domain name is the address to your website, a DNS provides the directions to reach it. Your DNS provider is responsible for: keeping your website running, your page load times, and the security of your website’s data.

Here at Extract, we work with many DNS providers such as Cloudflare. We make sure every page loads as fast and efficiently as possible, remaining available to anyone in the world at all times. We also ensure your website is protected from spammers, hackers and bot crawlers, meaning your online security will never be an issue.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

An SSL is used to protect sensitive information that’s being sent across the web from reaching anyone that it shouldn’t. Having a secure website is vital to gaining your customers’ trust online, especially if they are required to part with personal information such as their name, address or even credit card details.

At Extract, we provide you with an SSL certificate suitable to your business and operation. Whether you need a standard encryption SSL, or a multi-domain wildcard, we take care of the whole process. From acquiring the right certificate, to installing and maintaining, we make sure your website and customer information remains safe at all times.

Business Email

Almost all business conducted online involves an email being sent or received at some point, making it crucial to have a reliable email service. Can you imagine sending an important email to a client, only to find out it was sent to their junk folder, or it never arrived to their mailbox? We have the solution to this issue, providing you with the best email deliverability rate available.

Having your emails set up on a server independent of your website, means your emails are never compromised should your website go down. Using cloud based email providers like Office365 or Zoho, all emails remain backed up and secure.

We aim to supply you with a provider that best fits your needs and budget as a business, and offer consulting to best ensure you’re aware of all tools and features that we feel could increase productivity in your day-to-day business.

Marketing & Transactional Email

Emails aren’t just used to communicate between departments or send information to clients. Emails are also used as a marketing tool, sending newsletters and promotions to customers, whilst transactional emails are more commonly sent whenever triggered by a user’s action on a website. These types of emails require a technical setup and strategy and yet, in both cases, deliverability is crucial.

When it comes to email marketing, you’re able to create templates with customised content, which can be scheduled to be sent in advanced. Not only can you segment your email lists to target a specific demographic of customers, you can also see which emails are being opened, ignored and if links are being clicked, whilst making sure your deliverability rate remains as high as possible.

Transactional emails are used all the time; think of a password reset email or a purchase confirmation, even alerts letting you know your account is about to expire. At Extract, we implement the email delivery engine, allowing you to benefit from a secure and reliable system.

How we can work with you

We offer the option of providing a one-time fix, working on a project basis, or taking on full responsibility over your IT setup, constantly maintaining and streamlining your systems.

We will work with your IT team and all stakeholders that are affected by your IT systems to make sure they’re kept in the loop. We will always offer full transparency and maintain communication throughout our process.