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Quality, not quantity

PPC remains one of the most effective means of advertising online, and as you only pay when a user clicks on an ad, it’s important to get the basics right to guarantee efficient and precise spending.

Although there are multiple PPC platforms, Google AdWords remains by far the most popular method of paid advertising. “Search” advertising, refers to ads that appear at the top of the page when running a search query, and your “Ad rank” (which determines your ad position) is made up of two components: your cost-per-click bid, and the quality score of your ads and website.

Rather than lazily attempting to outbid your competitors, we focus on the quality of your ad.

Taking Google’s algorithms and the user experience into account, we improve the quality score of your ad, which in turn, enables you to pay less per click and increase the chances of a user staying on your website once they’ve arrived.

At Extract, we carefully plan your PPC campaigns, aiming to provide immediate results, as well as longevity. We utilise advanced data analytics to provide key insights into your campaigns, which allows us to constantly optimise and examine how effective each one is.

How we can work with you

Our PPC strategy varies from client-to-client, depending on your needs and budget. From brand recognition to purchasing a product, we take the time to understand what a conversion is for you, which determines the structure of our campaigns.

From short-term seasonal campaigns to a long-term brand-recognition strategy, and everything in between, we adapt our approach to make sure we’re spending your money as efficiently as possible with the aim of maximising your ROI.