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Transforming numbers into words

Here at Extract, we feel the importance of carefully implementing analytics into your website is underplayed. For us, it’s the foundation of a digital marketing strategy. We’re specialists in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, which are the tools we use to track and analyse your data.

Not only does analytics provide you with valuable insights into the behaviour of your customers, and the ways in which they are interacting with your website, but it also lets you evaluate to what extent you’ve managed to improve a strategy or process. Think about it, how would an athlete know how well he’s training, if there was nobody there to time how fast he was going?

Our process

Because we take so much care into understanding your goals and values as a business, we make sure we’re analysing only the information most relevant to you. Once analytics is correctly setup on your website, we use your data to gauge your current performance.

Not only do we present your data in the form of customisable reports and dashboards, but we analyse this data to provide you with insights on how to improve and optimise your overall digital performance.

How we can work with you

Whether you require a one-off analytics project, or an on-going analytics service where we constantly maintain, refine, optimise and report, were here for your needs.

You can think of us as an extension of your team. If necessary, we will consult with stakeholders and departments, maintain communication and make sure we take into account all requirements. The services we offer will always be adapted around the processes your company operates with, minimising the work you need to do.